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The Story Of Tracy Beaker by Jacqueline Wilson

Tracy Beaker’s not actually beyond any doubt what her mom does, in light of the fact that Tracy has been in child care for whatever length of time that she can recollect. She has an image of her mom, who’s really enough to be in films, so perhaps she is. Furthermore, perhaps one day Tracy’s mom will appear and recover her departed little girl, and together they’ll have astounding experiences. On the other hand, perhaps she won’t. Meanwhile, Tracy’s doing all that she can to deal with herself–despite the fact that she needs to share her birthday cake with senseless Petey Ingham in light of the fact that they have a similar birthday . . . what’s more, despite the fact that different young ladies she lives with are mean and awful and inconsiderate and shocking. Generally. At that point a columnist appears at compose an anecdote about their halfway house, and she and Tracy strike up an extraordinary companionship.

In a story composed with silliness and affectability, Tracy rises as a lively young lady who’s not exactly as intense as she lets

everyone think she is.

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